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Subject Re: [Axis2] Build for SVN snapshot at the revision 414289 fails
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2006 19:56:06 GMT
Hi Oshani,

Sure enough, after I added Eran Chinthaka's location, another error popped 

So, I added Dims' location, and it appears that create-lib ran to 

A few things I did notice:
1.  Attempts to download various Axis2 and Axiom SNAPSHOT jars occurred 
repeatedly for each goal.  Sometimes it appeared that these SNAPSHOTS 
downloaded but most of the time it appeared that they didn't.
B.  It was not always the first attempt to download these SNAPSHOT jars 
that was successful.
III.  Regardless of whether or not a successful download occurred, the 
message "Response content length is not known" for each attempt.

I know very little about Maven (though I am learning now), but the above 
behavior does "feel" right.

It also doesn't feel right that we have to add someone's personal plugin 
repository to the repo list in order for create-lib to finish 

Mike McAngus
Associate Chief Engineer, Enterprise Architecture
Wendy's International, Inc.
One Dave Thomas Boulevard
Dublin, OH 43017

Oshani Seneviratne wrote

Hi Mike,

I also ran into the same problem after getting a fresh svn checkout
and running the create-lib goal. So, as Dims has pointed out earlier
in this thread, I added as a
Dependency Repository in Then the build was

I guess this is the easiest thing to do (rather than manually copying
jars to the maven repo), since there are other jars apart from
maven-itest-plugin-1.0.jar which maven couldn't seem to download.



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