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From Chuck Williams <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Integration test failures
Date Sun, 11 Jun 2006 09:01:30 GMT

That is a change and it's my fault.  I meant to change it back to the
prior default, 6060, but somehow this slipped and none of my testing
picked it up.  I'll fix.  Sorry about the inconvenience,


Dennis Sosnoski wrote on 06/10/2006 10:57 PM:
> Hi Chuck,
> I was building a clean checkout, with no changes. I did find the
> immediate cause of the problem, though - I had a Tomcat instance
> running on the default port of 8080, and these tests are creating a
> SimpleHTTPServer for the client which apparently requires that port. I
> don't know that this is a change from what used to happen before your
> SimpleHTTPServer changes - I might not have run the build with Tomcat
> active before.
> After some digging around, I suspect the actual problem occurs because
> org.apache.axis2.transport.http.server.HttpFactory defaults the port
> to 8080 unless this is overridden in the axis2.xml file. I'd suggest
> using a less popular port as the default (or perhaps even trying a
> random generated sequence of ports in the >1000 range until a free
> port is found).
>  - Dennis
> Chuck Williams wrote:
>> Hi Dennis,
>> I committed the changes to SimpleHTTPSever and also run linux,
>> specifically debian etch (testing) with a 2.6.15 kernel.  Before
>> committing, I did a clean build and verified all tests passed with Sun's
>> 1.5.0_05 jvm.  I upgraded today to, just updated to latest
>> svn head (with no change since my commit is last revision) and did
>> another clean build.  All tests pass, including the ones you cite below.
>> Do all tests pass with your changes using a revision before my
>> check-ins?  Do your changes interact with the http server directly?
>> Please let me know if I can help to isolate your issue.
>> Chuck
>> Dennis Sosnoski wrote on 06/10/2006 07:59 PM:
>>> I've been trying to synchronize with the latest code so I can get
>>> changes checked in, but every time I try to build I get test failures
>>> in the integration module
>>> (org.apache.axis2.engine.EchoRawXMLOnTwoChannelsSyncTest FAILED,
>>> org.apache.axis2.engine.EchoRawXMLMultipleTest FAILED,
>>> org.apache.axis2.engine.EchoRawXMLOnTwoChannelsTest FAILED, etc.). I
>>> even did a clean check out of the entire project, with the same
>>> results when I tried to build.
>>> I'm running Mandriva Linux 2006, Sun's 1.5.0-b64 JVM. I know there've
>>> been changes to the SimpleHttpServer recently and I'm wondering if
>>> that's the cause of the failures. Is anyone else building the latest
>>> code on Linux successfully?
>>>  - Dennis
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