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From "robert lazarski" <>
Subject Spring support commited
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 04:36:57 GMT
Hi all,

Spring support is in svn. I created a how-to under /xdocs/latest/spring.html
. One implementation issue: Since spring uses the TCCL, the web service /
spring bean can't be in an AAR. Other than that, it's working for me. I'm
just putting the axis2-spring.jar in the std distro for now. I decided to
implement all the receivers, get them working, and then if possible refactor
them with some feedback.


1) Refactor spring receivers to somehow forward calls the normal receivers,
not just copy their code. I'd appreciated some ideas here. The issue is
since the top abstract class overrides makeNewServiceObject() , all the
classes below must be Spring extends and have their own implementation. I
couldn't get forwarding / wrapping to work, as there is state between the
method calls.

2) Write tests. This depends on #1. If it stays this way I suppose I could
just copy the receivers tests.

3) Databinding. I'm pretty sure that since (at least xmlbeans) the codegen
results have 'extends AbstractInOutSyncMessageReceiver'  , doing a hand edit
to extends 'SpringAbstractInOutSyncMessageReceiver' would work. Will test
soon. Maybe an optional wsdl2java flag?


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