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From "Rajith Attapattu" <>
Subject Re: [axis2] Spring Support
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 16:43:58 GMT

thanks for the comments

On 5/9/06, Glen Daniels <> wrote:
> Just a couple of comments...
> Rajith Attapattu wrote:
> > Thats true, we cannot and should not try to satisfy everybody.
> > Most people are looking for a magic wand that will create there code
> with
> > minimum effort as possible.
> Hm... so what's wrong with that?  If there are packages out on the
> market which make this stuff really easy and interoperate well with
> others, it is my belief they are going to win out over more
> complex/difficult solutions.

Well I agree with you here. If think we also need to think from a business
perspective as well.
If things can be done effectively with minimum effort then  a business would
consider it over something else.
Maybe I was frustrated with people always complaining about not being able
to do this or that with the current tools.
(Human beings always wants more, and when I think it's the same with me, so
there is nothing wrong with it )

But as Jin rightly points out this is an important factor and I appolagize
for my comment.

> Reading the thread on TSS I was sad to see that most people have missed
> the
> > boat about Web Services.
> >
> > These people expect nothing but to expose their **objects** as Web
> Services
> > using some framework with minimum effort as possible.
> > Thats as far as they are willing to go with Web Services.
> --Glen

All though I recognize that exposing there existing objects as Web Services
is like 90% of the case, I am sad that people are not willing to take full
advantage of the power of web services. I recognize the above feature as
*VERY* important.

But again I am sad that this is as far as people are willing to go. I would
be very happy if they go further into tapping the full potential of the web
services. Maybe I have missed the point.


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