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Subject Re: [axis2] Spring Support
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 15:45:34 GMT

As a casual snooper of this mailing list, I feel compelled to echo Glen's
We do this all the time, successfully, on the ground and in the trenches,
getting bloody,
sometimes winning, sometimes getting scarred, and it really depends on the
complexity of the frameworks
and how easy/hard it is to do the simple/complex things correctly.

Minimum effort and complexity, at least from where I sit, is a much more
compelling reason to go with an os stack.
When the complexity rises, we have to determine costs in time and
development weighed against the benefits
of using something like axis2. Once the tipping point goes over, it becomes
more difficult for people such as myself
to argue the case and not go for vendor stacks that cost more (as ironic as
that may seem ;-).

Please do not take offense at this, and I apologize for eavesdropping, but
I feel that its important for you guys to
hear this perspective from someone responsible for building out trading
infrastructures that ride billions $USD per day.


Jin Chun

Vice President: Chief Applications Architect
State Street – Global Link | |
617.664.1695 |

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Just a couple of comments...

Rajith Attapattu wrote:
> Thats true, we cannot and should not try to satisfy everybody.
> Most people are looking for a magic wand that will create there code with
> minimum effort as possible.

Hm... so what's wrong with that?  If there are packages out on the
market which make this stuff really easy and interoperate well with
others, it is my belief they are going to win out over more
complex/difficult solutions.

> Reading the thread on TSS I was sad to see that most people have missed
> boat about Web Services.
> These people expect nothing but to expose their **objects** as Web
> using some framework with minimum effort as possible.
> Thats as far as they are willing to go with Web Services.

Although an awful lot of people preach doom-and-gloom about how horrible
it is to map XML to/from objects, the fact is that a lot of people do
it, and a lot of people do it successfully, and it's NOT always a bad
idea.  Yes, XML has a lot more expressive power than 3/4GLs, and that
means that not all XML will cleanly map to objects.  However, many
objects of "value type" classes (such as you want to pass around in a
SOA-style application) *are* going to map pretty cleanly to XML, and
this is a very nice feature.  We shouldn't dismiss it.

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