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From Chuck Williams <>
Subject Is the client stub thread safe?
Date Sun, 07 May 2006 18:47:23 GMT
Hi All,

We are getting occasional corrupted messages that appear to be caused by
a race condition inside Axis2.  We have client and server apps, both
using Axis2 with built-in http transport and generated stub/skeleton
with ADB data binding.  The client is a Tomcat app + browser, while the
server runs as a standalone process with Axis2 built-in http server. 
When hitting the server with many client threads simultaneously, some
messages received at the server are corrupted, specifically elements
from one message end up inside a different message and cause a parse
error.  We have one stub instance shared among all threads on the client
side and one SimpleHttpServer instance on the server side.  I'm not sure
the problem is originating on the client side, but it seems most
likely.  Messages received at the server in the skeleton occassionally
have another message's element content embedded in them somewhere.  The
problem never happens except when multiple threads are active in the
client simultaneously (leading also to multiple simultaneous server
message processing threads), and the probability of occurrence seems
roughly proportional to the amount of simultaneous client activity.

Has anybody else seen behavior like this?  Can you think of a good way
to isolate the issue?

Thanks for any help,


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