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From "Tony Dean" <>
Subject RE: [axis2] AXIOM question
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 13:02:32 GMT
Something like the following will allow you to create your own fault code/string and detail

    		SOAPFactory soapFactory = OMAbstractFactory.getSOAP11Factory();
    		SOAPEnvelope soapEnvelope = soapFactory.createSOAPEnvelope();
    		SOAPBody soapBody = soapFactory.createSOAPBody(soapEnvelope);
    		SOAPFault soapFault = soapFactory.createSOAPFault(soapBody);
    		SOAPFaultCode soapFaultCode = soapFactory.createSOAPFaultCode(soapFault);
    		soapFaultCode.declareNamespace(Constants.WEBSERVICEMAKER_NS, Constants.FAULT_NS_PREFIX);
    		SOAPFaultValue soapFaultValue = soapFactory.createSOAPFaultValue(soapFaultCode);
    		soapFaultValue.setText(Constants.FAULT_NS_PREFIX + ":" + Constants.XML_ELEMENT_FAULTEXCEPTION);/*I18nOK:COS*/
    		SOAPFaultReason soapFaultReason = soapFactory.createSOAPFaultReason(soapFault);
    		SOAPFaultText soapFaultText = soapFactory.createSOAPFaultText(soapFaultReason);
    		SOAPFaultDetail soapFaultDetail = soapFactory.createSOAPFaultDetail(soapFault);

    		QName qName = new QName(Constants.WEBSERVICEMAKER_NS, Constants.XML_ELEMENT_FAULTEXCEPTION);
    		OMElement detail = soapFactory.createOMElement(qName, null);
    		Throwable e = t;
    		while (e != null) {
        		OMElement exception = soapFactory.createOMElement(qName, null);
        		exception.setText(t.getClass().getName() + ": " + t.getMessage());/*I18nOK:COS*/
    			e = e.getCause();

Ignore the extra detail... I just cut and pasted my code. 

-----Original Message-----
From: Glen Daniels [] 
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2006 8:18 AM
Subject: Re: [axis2] AXIOM question

Hi Paul:

> This is the code I've used - not sure if its the tightest.
> factory = OMAbstractFactory.getSOAP11Factory();
> SOAPEnvelope faultEnvelope = factory.getDefaultFaultEnvelope();

That gets me a "default" fault which has no useful fault code or reason. 
   I actually saw this code, which is what led me to ask the question. :)

Either I should be able to take the fault you get with the above code and mutate it to add
reason/faultcode/details, or there should be another way to generate a fault envelope by specifying
some parameters. 
  In either case, the API should be simple and easy to use.  If this isn't already the case
we should make it so.

This of course leads into a slightly bigger discussion about how to clean up the fault classes,
which is already a JIRA but needs dealing with.


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