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From "Dovholuk, Clint" <>
Subject FW: [Axis 1.3] wsdl with import vs. without import
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 03:27:23 GMT
Can anybody point me at my problem with ""?  I added this to my

<property name="namespaceUri" value="http://mynamespace"/>

but it didn't 'help' any..


From: Dovholuk, Clint [] 
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 7:46 AM
Subject: [Axis 1.3] wsdl with import vs. without import

Hello all,
I think this post might be related to my last post titled: 
  [Axis 1.3] Namespace issues, element with "" namespace
I've been trying to include a schema to a wsdl document, generate code
for axis and use the generated classes as a web service but when I
include the schema doc, I find that (I think) because of the ""
namespace being applied to an element higher up the doc multiple
namespaces are being injected into the response (ns2 through ns15+) all
of which have the exact same namespace (including the 'wrapper'
I attached a .zip file (rename to .zip from _zip) with the two wsdls,
the schemas, and the TCPMonitor capture of each...
Any thoughts? I appreciate anyone taking the time to look at this...

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