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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject [Axis2][Axis1] Jakarta Commons Logging 1.1: Call For Help Testing Latest Release Candidate
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 22:11:23 GMT
JCL 1.1 is believed to address the majority of issues which have
troubled users of the JCL 1.0.x releases. it is binary compatibility.
it's taken a lot of work and a long time but hopefully it'll be worth

the 1.1 code base is mature. the release candidates have been tested
and have proved stable but what we really need now is to verify that
this new release does not cause any problems for downstream projects
using JCL. so axis is on my list :)

it'd be great if some users could try but i'd be happy just to hear
from some developers that axis functions fine (the tests run etc) when
1.0.3 is replaced with 1.1RC6.

(i had hoped to give axis a spin myself but i'm getting test failures ATM :-/ )

the full releases are available from alternatively, the
jar is available in the maven1 repository at

i'm subscribed to this list (and have been for ages) so there's no
need to subscribe elsewhere to report results (unless it gets too
noisy and off topic).


- robert

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