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From "Ajith Ranabahu" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Databinding structuring proposal
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 17:37:48 GMT
Hi Kenneth,
See my comments inline
> +1 to more decoupling from binding frameworks -- I'd very much like to
> be able to use the latest JAXB RI with Axis2, and we're already seeing
> sufficient proliferation of binding frameworks that it seems like it
> makes a lot of sense to go to a model where the code [many|most|all
> but ADB] is optional.

I'm +1 on that too. We should have a mechanism where the codegen can
live without any of the extensions. I think we can figure out a
reflection based way to load the classes

> I need to grok the way the current code-gen process manages multiple
> bindings a little deeper before I have any specific suggestions..
> though I do have some questions -- can anyone elaborate a bit on the
> design decision behind basing the code-gen process on XSLT  (and thus
> representing the input WSDL info model as a DOM)?

Well, I think I'm the one who convinced the others to use XSLT and
here are the reasons behind it as I see.
1. XSLT is a fairly known syntax to write templates in so it should be
easier for
most of the people
2. JRE (1.4 upwards) comes bundled with XML/XSL processing libraries
(Crimson|Xerces|Xalan) so we are not inventing any third party

> would have been more straightforward to use a straight POJO-based
> input model into a template lang like velocity or freemarker.

I'm not familiar with the velocity or freemarker template languages
but In any case I guess we'll be introducing another dependancy! Also
if  we special case the templating language, it makes things harder
for the people who would need to tweak the code generator.

Ajith Ranabahu

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