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From "Norman Barker" <>
Subject RE: MTOM bug
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2006 18:32:51 GMT

thanks for the help so far.  This happens with both file caching on and off.  I will post
a file on our server and the example code to form a test case that demonstrates this, this
will be at the beginning of next week.

The implementation of MTOM is really good though for reasonable files, really fast.

Sorry I can't do the test case earlier, I have to leave our external server as is this week.

Many thanks,


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From: Thilina Gunarathne []
Sent: Sun 05/03/2006 02:48
Subject: Re: MTOM bug
In your earlier post to the user list you have mentioned that this happens
when file caching is switched on.  Is it the case or is this happen even
without file caching....


On 3/3/06, Norman Barker <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I posted this to the users group, and have waited a couple of days before
> posting here.
> It seems that when using the ImageTransfer MTOM sample if the file is
> large (larger than 10mb) then
> the service loses bytes when reading the data
> DataHandler actualDH;
>        actualDH = (DataHandler)binaryNode.getDataHandler();
> InputStream is = actualDH.getDataSource()
>                .getInputStream();
> then reading the available bytes from the input stream.
> Even sending the large file in 1mb chunks using MTOM and
> ByteArrayDataSource then the server will drop
> a few bytes on the 10/11 th chunk.
> Small files (< 10mb) go up the the server just fine.
> I have noticed this behaviour in both the 0.94 and 0.95 (nightly) versions
> of Axis2.  I am running Java 1.5.0_06
> If this is something I can fix please let me know.
> Many thanks,
> Norman

"May the SourcE be with u"

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