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From "Chathura Ekanayake" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Management Interface
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 17:46:18 GMT
Hi Soumadeep,

The features provided by the management system is seperated into different
components as much as possible. For example administrating services are done
by a seperate class (ServiceManager) and adminstrating modules are done by
another class (ModuleManager). Interfaces for these different manageable
parts are also provided by seperate classes. As an example web services
interface for adminstrating services is provided by the "AxisServices" web
service and module adminstrating can be accessed by the "AxisModules" web

This seperation holds for management features as well. All statistics
monitoring are done by a seperate set of classes (DynamicStatsManager,
ServiceStats and OperationStats) and the interface is provided by the
"AxisDynamicStats" web service. We can add more management functionality as
new features to existing classes or as completely new classes. Is this kind
of seperation ok?

Beacause of this seperation, we can even pack administration and management
as seperate libraries. I will implement security for all web services
interfaces based on WS-Security. I think this will satisfy the security
concerns over allowing administrating functionality via web services.

I am planing to add following features to the management system:

- JMX based interface.
- Improving the web based management console to act as a JMX client.
- Security for WS interfaces based on WS-Security.
- More statistics monitoring to capture statistics pointed out by you and Steve

Please give your ideas about this and any other things which should go into
management system.



On 3/8/06, Soumadeep <> wrote:
>  Chathura,
> Please see my comments inline. I think we need to be specific about
> management related features and administration related features.
> I would suggest you please look at (Mukund's) code for management
> interfaces in the scratch area.
> link
> Thanks
> Soumadeep
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> *From:* Chathura Ekanayake [mailto:]
> *Sent:* Wednesday, March 08, 2006 2:26 PM
> *To:*
> *Subject:* [Axis2] Management Interface
> Hi,
> I am sending the initial work I have done on Axis2 management interface as
> the attached patch.
>  Currently it provides following feathers via web services interface:
> [Soumadeep] These are Administration related features
> - Get all available services, operations and modules
> - Configuring parameters at all levels (i.e. Global, Service, Operation)
> - Get modules engaged at all levels
> - Engaging modules at all levels
> - Get available service groups and services grouped under those service
> groups
>  - Get available transports and configure transport parameters
> [Soumadeep] And this is Management related
>  - Get statistics about entire Axis2 engine, individual services and
> operations (number of in messages, out messages, fault in messages, fault
> out messages)
> A documentation about building and installing the management interface is
> included in the "management\xdocs\management.html".
> Please commit the patch to the scratch area -
> Regards,
> Chathura.

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