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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Why do we have multiple versions of docs in xdocs
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2006 08:53:54 GMT
hmmmm , I do not want to start a war :)

Eran Chinthaka wrote:

> I hope I asked this question sometime back and no one answered.
> Anyway, here we go.
> Deepal Jayasinghe wrote:
>> Hi all;
>> In the xdoc folder contains document for already released versions (0.93
>> , 0.94) and current version. And I dont think we need to keep multiple
>> doc folders inside xdocs for each versions, since we are not going to
>> change them once we do a release.  
> How can you say that ? From my experience, even after releases we do
> change the documents and generate the site. Chatra know about this
> better than me.
> And you can not freeze the site after a release, and there is no
> connection between them.

I totally agree that if we found some bugs in old document we have to
fix them , but that does not really require to have old docs in xdoc
folder if we have some other ways of doing that. (take update from SVN
branch corresponding to that version then build the site and put the
docs in to corresponding doc folder in ws-site , I know in site we keep
different folder for each version)

>> what we should do is take docs for SVN tag corresponding to that and
>> change that and commit those changes to WS-site.
> This is very simple to say. But people who actually do changes knows
> how difficult this is.Think about following scenario.
> If I want to change a document in 0.94. I need to checkout only that
> and change it. And the questions are as follows
> 1. which version I should checkout, as there are continuing changes to
> the documents even after a release, which we MUST agree.

you have to get the SVN branch corresponding to that version and change
that :)

> 2. How can I re-build the site ? For me to rebuild the site, I must
> have all the docs around.

You dont need to have old the docs around you when you building the site
, but when you get a check out you will have everything that you require
to build the site for that vresion, and the site you are building not
going to completely replace the existing site.

> Do not put this argument away saying how frequent you change docs in
> past releases. Chatra and her commitse  are  proofs for that.
> Think about this scenario as well.
> Now I want to change a particular document, or may be change the
> navigation pane and re-build the site. Do you want me to checkout all
> the document versions and then re-build the site, as site contains old
> docs ? D you think someone will do it ?

if we change navigation page then old document will be just a link from
navigation pane , in the current site it is.

>> And maintaining multiple docs folders is not going to be good idea when
>> we have much more versions. And other thing is it take my disk space
>> unnecessarily :)
> ok, how much of diskspace you are talking about here ? Be realistic.
> How come you become so conservative about your disk space all of a
> sudden :-) .

I am not worry about too much , but once we have few more version , then
that will be an issue :)

>> If some new Axis2 user trying to get fresh SVN update then  does that
>> guy need to have document for older version ? , I think he does not need
>> and he only need docs for the current code base.
> Hmm, how frequent is this scenario. Do you think the frequency of
> someone getting a clean checkout is higher than Chatra or anyone
> updating the docs. I don't think so. How many times you took fresh
> updates, during last 3 months, and how many commits have gone to 0.94
> docs ?

updating the docs is not the problem here , updating old docs is the
yes Chathra is doing changes on 0.94 but you know it is the current
version , and I am not sure she has done many changes to 0.93 docs.

>> So shall we only keep doc for the latest revision in side xdocs and keep
>> older versions inside ws-site.
> Come on. My feeling is let the person who actually does it decide it.
> Thats our practice so far. Mostly Chatra   maintains our documents.
> AFAIK, she is doing very good stuff. Its unfair if we jump in and make
> here job difficult.

1000 time agree with you.

> Believe me you gain nothing by removing these docs. I'm ok if we can
> keep at least two versions back. But for removing all the docs, except
> latest, I'm 0-  (as I hate to -1 an issue).
> Regards,
> Chinthaka

~Future is Open~ 

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