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From rick rineholt <>
Subject Stable revision 383125 -- minor glitch
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2006 20:45:28 GMT
I kept failing running the tomcat test with the JMS
transport not being 
present.  Typical of Axis2.xml not found, I did notice
the copy 
statement in the build.xml, but because for some
reason, I believe it to 
be I played with vanilla Axis2 beforehand, I already
had an  axis2.xml 
and the copy only works if destination is older  and
in my particular 
case it was not.  One solution is to add the overwrite
attribute and set 
it to true.  However in a more general perspective I'm
not comfortable 
with just over writing some projects global artifact. 
Could some Axis2 
users having set this deliberately not take kindly
that we silently 
write over this?

I wonder if the ServiceClient code may have for
obtaining ServiceClient
String tuskAxisRoot=
tuskAxisRoot= tuskAxisRoot== null ? "." :

new ServiceClient(

Then we could have had the in test resource of the
client or local dir 
an Axis2.xml  ( I haven't tested this ... just from
eyeballing the code)

BTW I have asked the Axis2 developers to restructure 
createConfigurationContextFromFileSystem to accept a
stream and I think 
they were ok with it. So hopefully this will all go


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