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From Marius Danciu <>
Subject Re: Problem using compression with Axis 1.3
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2006 12:48:15 GMT
Please ignore "(a parent of Gip)" below. It is a typo.

Marius Danciu <> wrote:              Hello,
  I'm using Axis 1.3 release and it looks like there is a problem when  using compression.
First, let me describe the scenario that I'm using:
      1. I'm using axis to interact with SalesForce (
      2. I'm using compression (by setting HTTPConstants.MC_GZIP_REQUEST and HTTPConstants.COMPRESSION_GZIP
to true)
  3. I'm sending Authentication request tu URL1 (compressed) and sforce  is providing the
response NON-compressed. After this, HTTP connection  is returned correctlyy to connection
      4. SForce is providing a new URL (URL2) for the subsequent HTTP requests within the
context of this session.
  5. Now, I'm sending the next SOAP request (a query for example). After  receiving the response
(this time SForce sent it compressed) I noticed  that the connection is NOT returned to connection
 6. I'm  sending another SOAP request and response is received correctly, b   ut  the   HTTP
connection is NOT returned to the connection pool again  (response was aagin compressed).
  7. Attempting to send another request will block the client since there  are no connections
left in the connection pool and the client will wait  until a connection will eventually be
returned to the pool. (default  number of connections per host is 2)
 After debugging a  bit Commons Http Client code, it seems that  GZIPInputStream (a  parent
of Gip) doesn't really work very well with AutoCloseInputStream.  What I mean is that AutoCloseInputStream
monitors when end of stream is  reached (read value == -1) and will automatically cause the
connection  to be returned to connection pool. When using GZIPInputStream this does  not happen.
AutoCloseInputStream is not "notified" (never reads -1)  when GZIPInputStream reached the
eand of stream.
 The attached  modified CommonsHttpSender source with the fix this problem. If you can  find
another "quick" fi   x, I   would be quite interested in it.
      Thank you,

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