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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
Subject Re: [Axis2]UnsupportedOperationException on InOut MEP????
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2006 13:30:53 GMT
On Sat, 2006-03-04 at 07:53 -0500, Srinath Perera wrote:
> I think major point is WSDL have a notion  that *everything is
> explained with respect to the Service Provider* in all times. (I think
> both you and glen says a the first F2F this is done to avoid need to
> have a client specific WSDL) .

WSDL is a language to describe the service. We're using AxisService on
the client side to describe the behavior of a client of a WSDL described
(or not) service. That's not the same thing; swapping is the right thing
to do.

> Even though looking the things at the Service Requester's point of
> view from the client can argued to be correct, with this model we are
> using MEP names from WSDL spec but we break *everything is explained
> with respsect to the Service Provider* rule. This will lead to lot of
> confusion. If we are using names from WSDL we must be consistsnt with
> their model.

Not all - we're not breaking everything .. I absolutely refuse to accept
that statement! We're taking the view that WSDL is a language for
describing stuff that's happening at the server.

What we internally need is a meta model saying what messages are going
and in what direction. If I'm on the server side, the pattern for an
operation being invoked from outside is that there's an incoming message
followed by an outgoing message. If I'm on the client the pattern is
opposite. Your position one must be forced to use the server's
description on the client side is forcing me to thing differently from
the actual message flow. 

The model we have now is that no matter what side it is, we have an
AxisOperation describing exactly the message exchange involved. Then we
go to that and ask for a client to execute that operation. (BTW we no
longer have InOutMEPClient etc. too; I assume that was a typo!)

> Think for a moment following happens?
> Say one of my lab mate come and asked me "Why you guys call
> Request-Response a InOutMEPClient?". Then I explain how we are
> consistent with WSDL spec and explain everything with respect to the
> server ... so on
> If he come to me tommrrow and ask me why my service fails saying
> "InOutMep not found"? What am I suppose to say? I have to say my last
> explanation is no longer true .. this is new interpretations ... so
> on.

No there's no new interpretations; you tell him that we're modeling the
messages going back and forth ..

> If we use names from WSDL and break their model of *everything is
> explained with respect to the Service Provider* we are going to have
> lot of confused users and developers

I totally disagree. First of all, these is visible only to DII users.
Seecond, even in that case, the common pattern is:

	- create an AxisService from the WSDL of the service
	- get the client for the operation I want to invoke
	- fill in the MCs
	- execute

The user doesn't even deal with this directionality issue directly.


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