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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject [Axis2]Associating more than one module aginst a give policy namespace
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 21:41:00 GMT
Hi All;

<big picture>
I am talking about the client side (dynamic) policy.
1) We start with the WSDL that has policy attached.
2) At the WSDL parsing policies are attached to the information model
3) We engage modules based on policy name spaces.
4) Each engaged module will be notified about the engagement and they
go look at the policy attachments and configure themselves based on
the policy

<dream>User get a WSDL, give it to a service client, and get service
client configured. Then create a operation client and invoke.
WS-Secuirty /RM etc all configured as given by the policy and just
work </dream>

Some policy name spaces have a wide scope (e.g. Security) and should
be covered with more than one module. For an example authorization is
not covered by WS-Security and I need to add authorization module that
handle it.

Can we allow number of modules to register under same name space and
when the policy is found every one get called. Each configure himself
for policy he can handle and store that in the Operation object. (Each
may tell Axis2 does he need to engaged or not )

when a module is called to notify that he is engaged, he should
configure himself and store the configuration some where in the
operation/service he is engaged. e.g. this could be Outflow
Configuration/Inflow Configuration object for WS-Security. May be we
want to revise the

There are lot of detail to handle, but I want to know what people
think about it.
After a chat with Sanka, I plan to try to implement the scenario!!



Srinath Perera:

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