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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: [Axis2]locating repository and axis2.xml
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 11:50:06 GMT
> > 1) is there a real reason one can not manage with the axis2.xml inside
> > reository? campare the complexity to the code now and before ..I would
> > say YAGNI
> It can be in the repo if you want .. but the repo is now spsed to be a
> URL; so it can be used to boot up a server in a cluster by pointing to a
> repo on another machine for example. (Deepal's in the middle of the URL
> support.)
+1  agreed it is a reasonable use case

> > 2) The system properties are BAD ..same reason the static parameters are BAD.
> > It has possible secuirty threats and source for bugs. I know Axis did
> > it .. which I belive is a mistake
> > 3) The parameters should be in client API no body will notice system
> > properties. Check axis archives how meny people did know about Axis
> > has a system property for configuration file. I think it is not even
> > 1% of all users.. there are tons of mails asking how to make client
> > config acrive?
> It is a client API thing .. system property is just the way for the
> shell scripts etc. to get it into the system. You can always create your
> own config (see AxisConfigurator) and get the config info from
> anywhere .. the system property and file system configurator etc. are
> all conveniences. Basically the *entire* system can be fluffed up from a
> database if you want or from memory or from a Web site or whatever.
> I don't agree that's YAGNI because the cluster scenario is a good simple
> usecase.
right now client API (Service Client) do not have a way to set it, but
that is easy thing to fix.

if system property is there there is a certain security risk involved, e.g.

1) If I have a servlet that load before Axis2 servlet (some cases
putting a aa war will do the trick)
2) and all servlets run on a j2ee container that share some of class
loaders .. usually JRE class loaders are shared (I knows Jboss 3.x did
it, may be others do)

I can make axis2 installation to load a security module with a
backdoor for me by setting a system property.

I know this is far fetched scenario, but as we are going to actively
use security, may be it is good idea to worry about this kind of
things. I would say we should stick to .. no static things (no static
variables, no system properties ......)


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