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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: [Axis2]locating repository and axis2.xml
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 04:34:56 GMT
Hi Deepal;

> you have to have ur axis2.xml file inside the conf sub directory inside
> the repository
You mean <repository>/conf/axis2.xml?

> or you can set lava system properties for repolocation and axis2.xml
> location , then deployment guy will pick them correctly.
> axis2.repo : location of the repository
> axis2.xml : location of the axis2.xml
> No need to have the axis2.xml file in side the repo any more , it can be
> locate some where else.

My 2 cents, but to me it is step backward?

1) is there a real reason one can not manage with the axis2.xml inside
reository? campare the complexity to the code now and before ..I would
2) The system properties are BAD ..same reason the static parameters are BAD.
It has possible secuirty threats and source for bugs. I know Axis did
it .. which I belive is a mistake
3) The parameters should be in client API no body will notice system
properties. Check axis archives how meny people did know about Axis
has a system property for configuration file. I think it is not even 
1% of all users.. there are tons of mails asking how to make client
config acrive?


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