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From "Tom Jordahl" <>
Subject RE: Deploying services restricted by interface.
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 22:34:38 GMT
Hi Edward,


I think this isn't a bad idea.  Is it worth the effort?  You could just
build a facade/proxy class that would accomplish the same thing, no?


Tom Jordahl
Adobe Server Development 


From: Edward Slattery [] 
Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 4:05 AM
Subject: Deploying services restricted by interface.


This may be a dumb question, but it isn't my first.


I was trying to deploy a web service which has several different
functionalities exposed to different users. I thought the way to do this

would be to define several interfaces, and have my service implement
them all, then define in the wsdd file each exposed set of

functionality as a different service.


I.E I have interfaces called AccountsManagement and  AccountsLogging. My
AccountsService implements them both. I was hoping to



<service name="AccountsLogging" provider="java:RPC">
    <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="AccountsLogging"/>
    <parameter name="className" value=" web.accounts.AccountsService"/>


<service name="AccountsManagement" provider="java:RPC">
    <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="AccountsManagement"/>
    <parameter name="className" value=" web.accounts.AccountsService"/>


where the allowedMethods values are Interfaces, not method names.


I can see I could list all the methods of each interface as
allowedMethods, but was wondering if it would make sense to add the
capacity to

maybe specify value="interface:InterfaceName" to the allowedMethods?



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