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From "Melhem, Michael" <>
Subject [AXIS 1.x and .NET] Axis Interoperability with .NET Clients using MTOM.
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 01:07:10 GMT
Hi Axis Gurus :-)


I would like to get the company I'm currently working at to adopt Axis
(instead of  say JWSDP) but I need to answer a few questions first. 



1.	Do we need to use the latest AXIS 1 source to support MTOM or
could we use the standard AXIS 1.3? I believe there is some MTOM support
in axis 1.3?


2.	When using MTOM with AXIS 1.4 on the server and a .NET based
client we need all responses to be multi-part encoded, otherwise .NET
throws an error in handling the response. AXIS only uses multi-part
format when a byte [] return param is present. This is logical but we
are wondering if there is a way to force AXIS to use mutli-part encoding
without otherwise impacting non-byte [] parameters. We have tried
defining this in the WSDL binding but we found that our string return
parameter effectively gets "converted" to an AXIS "DataHandler". This
avoids the exception in .NET but the client code can no longer
understand the returned parameter. 


I have attached the master WSDL file we are using. The operation in
question is called docSourceImport. You will see we worked around the
problem by including a dummy byte [] return param called "reserved" in
the docSourceImportResponse. This works but we would prefer a solution
that does not impact the API.


If anyone could help (or point us in the right direction) with the
above, then that would be much appreciated.


Many Thanks,

Michael Melhem


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