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From "Chathura Ekanayake" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Management Interface - Counting requests
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 15:50:09 GMT

Let me explain why I thought of using singleton. This is a simple example of
dynamic statistics monitoring in the management interface. This is for
monitoring total requests for an engine.

- A handler of a globally engaged module increments a count at each

- Webservice deployed in the same Axis2 engine provides a getTotalRequests()
method to check the current value of the count.

- Same count variable should be accessible from a MBean, which exposes it as
an attribute.

- Both Webservice and MBean should be able to set the count to zero.

In this scenario same count variable has to be accessed by three objects:
handler, webservice and MBean. So I thought of using a singleton object
which stores this variable. Therefore all other objects can get a reference
to it.

If we can store this information in the configeration context and access it
form any object, we can use context instead of sigleton.

How can I access the configuration context within a web service? And where
in the configuration context should I store information? I think we
have to store an object which contains all the information.

Another approach I thought of is to store the information in an object and
register it in the MBeanServer. So that all other objects can access it
from the MBeanServer by providing its name. This approach would give us all
feathers of using the singleton method, but without having to make our
objects singleton.

Any suggestions....



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