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From Dies Koper <>
Subject boosting AXIS-2222 to blocker
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 01:35:48 GMT
Hello Jim,

Why not, instead of boosting bug priorities around, attach a simple test 
case to this bug? A simple test case (WSDL + client + impl + explanation 
where to look to see the problem, where to look to see if it got fixed) 
is almost half of the work in getting a bug fixed.

In this bug, you mention that "itemList is always null on receipt". With 
a test application, that is something a developer could quickly run 
through the debugger.
Now you are putting the burden of writing a test application on the 
developer, which might be too much to ask as most developers are working 
on Axis2.

You also mentioned "The "methodName" is "Options", the name of the first 
parameter". In case of document/literal wrapped, the wrapper element has 
the same name as the method name. Is the WSDL you referred to DL or DLW? 
Does Axis correctly recognize it as such? (see generated WSDD)

Attaching the SOAP message might also help.


Jim Redman (JIRA) wrote:
> [
> ]
> Jim Redman commented on AXIS-2391: ----------------------------------
> As far as I can tell the work around, that is using -w on the
> WSDL2Java command line is a satisfactory work around for this issue
> in my case.
> Unfortunately, I still can't proceed to fully test because 2222 is
> still a problem:
> With a work around, we could drop the priority of this bug to
> something less than blocker.  Could someone please boost 2222 to
> blocker (I realize that in principle this has no effect, but it does
> make me feel that at least the days spend on Axis are not completely
> wasted).  Thanks.
>> WSDL2Java ignores attributes for complex types that have only
>> element with maxOccurs=unbounded in sequence 
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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