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From Deepal Jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] ServiceLifecycle
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 15:17:05 GMT
Hi Tony;

service life cycle is almost done and user can deploy service in various
service scopes , anyway we have to do some more stuffs to provide ur
requirement .

It will be there in 1.0 definitely.

Tony Dean wrote:

>I will ask this again...
>I think it is imperative to have service lifecycle figured into the plan.  When a service
is first initiated it should be signalled to that extent so that it can perform any one-time
initialization (aquiring connections, etc...).  Somehow the messageContext (in the current
state) must also be available to the service on each invocation thereafter.  Likewise, when
the service is brought down (either by servlet container deactivation of the Axis2 webapp
or by an Axis2 administrator stopping/undeploying the service), the service should be notified
(destroy method) so that it can cleanup appropriately (undo anything that it did during the
one-time initialization).
>Is this sort of logic going to be in place before 1.0 comes out?  Maybe its already done
and I just do not know about it.  I saw from a previous email thread (Deepak looking for work
todo) that WS-RF (including jsr 109) was completed.  Well, part of jsr 109 deals with service
endpoint lifecycle so maybe my request has already been completed.  Can anyone please enlighten
>Tony Dean
>SAS Institute Inc.
>SAS... The Power to Know

~Future is Open~ 

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