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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Things I can work on
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 02:58:36 GMT
Hi Deepak,

Deepak Bhole wrote:

>I was thinking of starting to work on some of the bigger issues/features
>in axis. I see a list of TODO's on the main page:
>- JAX-RPC 1.1 and/or JAX-WS compliance
I think Azeez started on this.

>- SOAP Encoding
No one has started on this. Someone was talking about this for sometime,
but I didn;t see *any *activity on this so far. So this is still available.

>- Binary serialization and de-serialization support
Let me explain this a bit. Basically we wanna integrate something like
Fast-Infoset or DFDL so that OM can read and write binary data. Its not
the attachments we are talking about here.
For example, one can send the complete message binary serialized over
the network, but AXIOM should be able to read it in and perhaps feed in
to Axis2.

Please see for
more information.

>- Management Interface for Axis2
There was a Googgle SoC project on this, but it has not been integrated
by that student in to Axis2 completely so far. So I *personally *do not
like to mark it as complete.

>- Implementation of other Transports.
We have JMS and HTTP transports tested and working well. But we have
tested SMTP and TCP to a limited amount only. So one can either work on
these two or implement some other transports.

>- Resource framework implementation (WS-RF) and Enterprise web services 
>  such as JSR 109 support
>- Completion of interop tests
This is done.

>PS: If there anything more pressing than this that I could work on
>instead, please let me know.
Deepak, I call for a list of features that we require for 1.0 release.
Give the devs sometime to fill that up. But unfortunately I didn't see
lot of people coming and filling it. But if I had announced, as the
release manager, Axis2's 1.0 release, then lot of people would have come
and obstruct it. IMO, this is pathetic. Anyway, please wait some time
for all the devs to fill the list.

 I prefer if you can select one from that list, as that will contain
more pressing needs.

Dims and Sanjiva, do you foresee and specific features for 1.0 so that
Deepak can work on.

Thanks for your offer,
*Eran *Chinthaka


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