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From Saminda Abeyruwan <>
Subject Re: [Axis2]setText() adding duplicates to OMElement?
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 05:11:16 GMT
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Resended the payload with [Axis2] prefix

Deepak Bhole wrote:
> Hi,
> I have come across an interesting (bug?) in Axiom. As I am still new to
> Axis, I wanted to know others thoughts before I went around making
> patches in critical components, as it may have far reaching consequences
> that I am not aware of yet.
> I enabled REST support and in an attempt to trace code paths, I set up a
> simple example with the "echo" service. The payload sent to the server
> contains a <Text>sdf</Text> element, and the server is expected to
> change this to <Text>Changed by service</Text>.
> I noticed that the payload sent was correct, but what the server sent
> back was <Text>sdfChanged by service</Text>. So I checked it out to see
> why that "sdf" was still there. Here is what is happening:
> HTTPTransportUtils.createEnvelopeFromGetRequest() calls
> omEle.setText(value)
> omEle is an OMElement. In OMElement.setText(), there is the line:
> this.addChild(OMAbstractFactory.getOMFactory().createText(this, text));
> This is causing a duplicate entry because OMFactory.createText() creates
> an OMTextImpl (which extends OMNodeImpl), and OMNodeImpl's constructor
> has a call to addChild() on the parent.
> Thus, in short, setText() calls createText() which causes the text
> element to be added as a child to the parent, and then further down,
> setText() calls addChild() explicitly, causing the text child to be
> added again. This is why that "sdf" was showing up in the response
> message, because only the first "sdf" node was being removed when I
> called setText() on server side.
> I was thinking of removing the explicit addChild() call in setText().
> This seems to be a workable solution with no side-effects. Does anyone
> who knows the code better, know if this may break anything?
> Thanks,
> Deepak

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