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From Deepak Bhole <>
Subject [Axis2] Things I can work on
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 21:23:25 GMT


I was thinking of starting to work on some of the bigger issues/features
in axis. I see a list of TODO's on the main page:

- JAX-RPC 1.1 and/or JAX-WS compliance
- SOAP Encoding
- Binary serialization and de-serialization support
- Management Interface for Axis2
- Implementation of other Transports.
- Resource framework implementation (WS-RF) and Enterprise web services 
  such as JSR 109 support
- Completion of interop tests

The first one seems to be ongoing, second one is taken, so how about I
start with 3rd (binary ser./deser.)? That brings up the question, could
someone please point me to what exactly is meant by "binary
serialization/deserialization"? In the simplest sense, it seems like
being able to insert binary content into an envelope and read it back;
but we can already do that (image transfer for example), so that seems
already covered....

PS: If there anything more pressing than this that I could work on
instead, please let me know.


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