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From Rajith Attapattu <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Transport independent Session Mgt [Proposal]
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 17:38:57 GMT
Hi Eran,

Point well taken :-)

I agree with that, things should be done in the way the community is used to
and also in an acceptable manner.
Thanks for discussing it. I hope u didn't misunderstand me.

>>Maximum we can do is to put a link to wiki from the main site, preferrable
in the archi guide or TODO list in the user guide.
This is a good idea :-)  !!!

>>So shall we first start by setting this up in the wiki ?
I will set up the thing and send an email to dev-list. More than anything
what I really want is participation.
There is no point in me doing something thats not useful to the overall
goals of axis or something that is not consistant with the current axis2
So this is where u guys will have to help me with flushing out the proposal.

One more concern !!!

Since I will work on a sandbox for the prototype I fear the following.
a) That what I am doing might not be peer reviewed enough.My fear is I might
move too far without realizing I am making a mistake !!!
b) definitely can't submit patches either since it's work in progress and it
might break other stuff.

So how about this?
If I discuss the design or sometimes code level problems in the dev-list is
that good enough? Sometimes bcos of the time difference it gets a bit
frustrating too :-)
Is this how u guys do this type of thing?.

I can try the axis-IRC-chat as well.

Again thanks for the interest and disscussion this is definitely helpful.


On 1/20/06, Eran Chinthaka <> wrote:
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> Hi Rajith,
> Rajith Attapattu wrote:
> >
> > I was thinking about a news item or an article in the main site
> > that talks about Axis2 clustering in general without tieing it to
> > any technology/design or anything like that. (Definietly not a
> > concrete proposal). So defientely not Axis2 POV regarding
> > clustering. I think we are a long way from that :)
> >
> > The article would say that we are interested/looking into the
> > problem, the nature of the problem and the challengers we are
> > facing. The problem regarding session would be one problem listed
> > there.
> >
> > This would be like an advertisement to generate interest and drag
> > interested parties to look into more of it.
> >
> > Another point is any company/organization looking at Axis2 as a
> > potential development platform will atleast get the idea that we
> > are thinking about and important problem that will be a very big
> > concern for them during deployment time. This is something in the
> > future, but we are giving people an assurance that we are going to
> > work on there concern.
> >
> > We could have a link from that doc to the wiki to show the
> > following
> >
> > a) The open ended proposal about Session Mgt b) More Axis2 specific
> > details surronding the problem c) A proposal on the clustering
> > prototype I am working.
> >
> > My concern about not having something in the main site is that the
> > information will be inside Wiki with not much attention. And I
> > endup doing the protoype without much input. Remember two heads are
> > better than one, so definielty more input I get the better the
> > prototype will be.
> >
> > Did I do a resonable job explaining it?? How does it sound?
> I don't think so.
> The practise in our community is that when we are putting a proposal
> for comments or discussions we set that up in the wiki and discuss. I
> strongly feel that when you put sth in the site, that is Axis2 POV for
> outsiders, which is actually not. I can not understand why you want to
> put that doc in the site itself :-) .
> And when you are really doing the work, people in the dev list and
> user list will pop up and comment for sure, no matter where u put the
> proposal.
> So I prefer if you can put that in the wiki, at least for now, send a
> mail to axis-dev (and to axis-user, if you want.). Maximum we can do
> is to put a link to wiki from the main site, preferrable in the archi
> guide or TODO list in the user guide.
> So shall we first start by setting this up in the wiki ?
> Thanks,
> Chinthaka
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