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From Rajith Attapattu <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Transport independent Session Mgt [Proposal]
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 17:21:10 GMT
Eran and Chamikara,

I located the example and had a looked at it. Good example indeed and so far
has given me most understanding about situation.

*You are adding a key/value pair to the SrvGrpCtx as you would put in a
session object for ex HttpSession*

next you retrive it a different method within the same service or different
service like u would do from a session object.*
*String previousStr = (String) sgc.getProperty(

Ok, so you treat SrvGrpCtx as the session object to pass key/value pairs
across multiple invocations within a ServiceGroup.

The following 3 big questions will figure out whether we need to look beyond
ServiceGroupContexts for session mgt or not?

1. Now is this is limited to Services within a ServiceGroup, isnt it? for
example if we have to access a service outside of this ServiceGroupContext
the notion of a session will fail, am I correct?

2. How is this ServiceGroupContext lifecycle managed with respect to scope??
If session scope will it be removed from the ConfigurationCtx after a
session is ended  (removed by the client for ex. logout service ) OR timed
out (removed without the involement of any service, but by the
SessionManager as a housekeeping function)?

3. Is there a possibility of  cross-contamination within the
ServiceGroupContext across two simultaneous client sessions?



On 1/19/06, Rajith Attapattu <> wrote:
> Eran,
> Thanks a lot for the interest.
> >>We have the SOAP session which is managed via service group context id
> >>and application scopes
> Yes I have a identified the SOAP session option based on input from Deepal
> & Srinath. But they have raised concerns about usign the service grp context
> ids and also about the client involement wrt to initiating the SOAP header
> using to identify the SOAP session.
> Btw I am not a SOAP expert (ramping up using Sanjiva's book :) ), so I may
> have not understood the implications of SOAP header fully.
> But I do belive that SOAP session is the way to go to provide an
> independent session mgt impl, but I need more help and inpput to figure out
> the concerns service grp context ids  and the client code impact.
> >>FYI : Chamikara wrote a nice Calculator example using SOAP session,
> >>w/o depending on transport session.
> Can u get Chamikara to have a go at this proposal based on his experiance
> with SOAP session
> Btw where can I get access to this example??
> >>BTW, proposal seems to have understood the problem. can you put this
> >>up in the wiki as well.
> I am working on a doc regarding Scalability & HA wrt to Axis2, I was
> thinking about attaching something about this there as well.
> I was thinking about putting this doc under documentation within the main
> site. Sanjiva things it will attract more attention !!
> However the proposal can (rather should) be added to the wiki so everybody
> can have a go at it. Can provide link to the wiki#proposal from the
> clustering doc from the main site.
> Hope we will get a prototype also ;-) .
> I am actually working on a prototype on my Sanbox and will keep u updated
> on the progress.
> I am actually trying to provide clustering support to Axis2 using WADI,
> ActiveCluster ..etc (still evaluating),
> However I realized I first have to sort out the session problem, hence the
> proposal
> Regards,
> Rajith.
>  On 1/19/06, Eran Chinthaka <> wrote:
> >
> > Hash: SHA1
> >
> > Hi Rajith,
> >
> > I agree with all except for this.
> >
> > Rajith Attapattu wrote:
> >
> > >
> > >
> > > 2. The current Axis2 has no clear notion of a session. (Serveral
> > > ppl expressed this concern
> >
> > > Currently two concepts exist. a) HttpSession based on cookies, if
> > > the Transport is http (the most popular)
> > >
> > > b) SOAP header for RM & Secure Conversations
> > >
> > We do have a notion of sessions which goes beyong transport sessions.
> > We have the SOAP session which is managed via service group context id
> > and application scopes. Please correct me if I am wrong.
> > I agree that we may not have a scalable and distributable session
> > management system, but for the time being we have session management
> > which goes a little beyond transport session.
> > FYI : Chamikara wrote a nice Calculator example using SOAP session,
> > w/o depending on transport session.
> >
> > BTW, proposal seems to have understood the problem. can you put this
> > up in the wiki as well.
> > Hope we will get a prototype also ;-) .
> >
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