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From Jongjin Choi <>
Subject Re: integrating wsa into core axis
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 03:13:04 GMT

I think it is good to have native support of WS-A in Axis1 core.
I'll look forward to it.

On 1/23/06, Doug Davis <> wrote:
> axis-dev'ers - I'd like take some axis changes I have and commit them. The
>  first round of stuff focuses on splitting the axis engines so that it can
>  more easily deal with async messages.  In particular, in the stuff I'd
>  like to commit soon (asap) it splits the client-side engine apart so that
>  the two sides of the chains can be invoked separately.  This, in
>  conjunction with moving WS-Addressing logic in the base Axis code, allows
>  a client to more easily send and receive async messages.  It also allows
>  for other technologies, like WS-RM and WS-Security, to be more easily
>  plugged-in.  The next set of changes (asap too :-)  would do the same
>  thing on the server. One of axis's biggest flaws is its lack of support
>  for async messaging - I think these changes will go a long way towards
>  fixing that.  Most of the changes don't actually involved new code -
>  rather simply moving things around since we still need to do the same
>  things, just in a slightly more modular way.    Anyway, I've discussed
>  this, off-line, with a couple of axis-dev'ers already and they were in
>  favor of it but before I actually did it I wanted to make sure there
>  wasn't any huge objection to it.  For the most part, if you don't turn on
>  the WS-Addr support then nothing should really change - and there's no
>  harm - but if you believe WS-Addr will be core to soap (as I do) then
>  having native support for it will benefit axis's customers.
>  thanks,
>  -Doug

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