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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Setting Reference Properties in Axis2 Addressing
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 14:24:17 GMT
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Hi Thilina,

WS-Addressing specification defines reference parameters as of type
xs:any [1]. So I accept that my earlier implementation was wrong,
which limited for someone to add any content as a reference parameter.
(Thanks Steve and Sanjiva for pointing that out).

So I changed the impl to make ref param to contain an OMElement which
is the best match to represent xs:any. So IMO, the current impl is

- -- Chinthaka

[1] -

Thilina Gunarathne wrote:

> Hi devs, These days I'm trying to update the Kandula2 code base to
> be compatible with current Axis2. It seems Axis2 has gone a long
> way and now I'm getting tired running after it to catch it. Now I'm
> facing with several problems.
> It seems the current Axis2 addressing allows users to set only
> OMElements as reference properties. Earlier we just had to set a
> key value pair in a hash map to do this. My knowledge in
> Addressing is very minimal. But IMHO setting OMElements as
> reference properties/parameteres in a HashMap is bit troublesome.
> It took me great deal of time to find the erroras this new approach
> does not give us a single clue that we should use OMElements
> instead of key value pairs as earlier.
> At least we need to change the Epr.setReferenceParameters(HashMap
> map); method signature in order to make users aware of the type
> they needs to use..... Personally I'm not even with the idea of
> using OMElements. I don't think the users will like the idea of
> touching OMElements in order to set Reference Properties...
> Please let us know if there are plans to change these things as we
> are thinking of cutting a Milestone in Kandula2 soon and Kandula2
> depends heavily on Reference Properties....
> Thanks,
> ~Thilina
> -- "May the SourcE be with u"
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