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From "Mihai Danila" <>
Subject Bug in MemoryMapped... Data... Handler?
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2006 19:00:36 GMT

I don't know if you guys found this bug, but if an attachment part's data is
still streaming and the SOAPMessage object or an AttachmentPart object gets
garbage collected, and also if the attachment is large enough to enable
file-based caching behind the scenes, then the cache is destroyed by the
finalizers of the named objects before its time.


I suggest that thet input stream object that is released to client code keep
a hard reference to the Message object itself, in order to avoid garbage
collection (as a quick fix)  A better fix would involve having the rightful
owner of the file-based cache (the input stream) destroy it during the
finalization of the InputStream itself.


This bug is was easier reproducible to us by streaming a large attachment
with a small buffer size. (one megabyte filesize, two kilobytes buffer size)



Mihai Danila


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