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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
Subject Re: integrating wsa into core axis
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 02:47:52 GMT
Hi Dug,

This sounds like a major re-arch of Axis 1.x. Do you see this being part
of Axis 1.(x+1) or more say Axis1 2.0? 

>>From a project perspective, its perfectly fine and healthy to have
multiple versions of a major project going (proof: HTTPD and Tomcat) but
it does require a serious committment to keep this going. I'm curious
whether the other regulars also feel this is the right thing to do:

Of course, as a committer you are free to do this and push things out,
but you'd have to be in it for the long run to make it work .. I guess
that's more a PMC issue than anything else.


On Mon, 2006-01-23 at 07:18 -0500, Doug Davis wrote:
> Yes - I basically took the engine (client and server) and allowed each
> side (send/receive) to be called independently.  And it also includes
> an async listener.  It will also include the correct plug-points for
> RM and security.  From what little I've seen (at previous RM interops)
> the current RM code had a lot of troubles and I think some of the
> reorganization I've done will help that. 
> -Doug 
> "Jaliya Ekanayake"
> <> 
> 01/22/2006 10:05 PM 
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>              axis-dev
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>           Subject
> Re: integrating
> wsa into core
> axis
> Hi Dug, 
> When we design Axis2 we consider these two problems (WS-Addressing and
> Async Support) as core problems in Axis and the solution we came up
> was to split the send  and receive  paths in a message flow. This
> mechanism works fine and Axis2 is able to support all the messaging
> scenarios including fully asynchronous case (where a separate listener
> is required in the client side) 
> So just wanted to know, whether the changes you mentioned are similar
> to the above for Axis? 
> Thanks, 
> Jaliya 
> ----- Original Message -----  
> From: Doug Davis 
> To: 
> Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2006 2:01 PM 
> Subject: integrating wsa into core axis 
> axis-dev'ers - I'd like take some axis changes I have and commit them.
> The 
> first round of stuff focuses on splitting the axis engines so that it
> can 
> more easily deal with async messages.  In particular, in the stuff
> I'd 
> like to commit soon (asap) it splits the client-side engine apart so
> that 
> the two sides of the chains can be invoked separately.  This, in 
> conjunction with moving WS-Addressing logic in the base Axis code,
> allows 
> a client to more easily send and receive async messages.  It also
> allows 
> for other technologies, like WS-RM and WS-Security, to be more easily 
> plugged-in.  The next set of changes (asap too :-)  would do the same 
> thing on the server. One of axis's biggest flaws is its lack of
> support 
> for async messaging - I think these changes will go a long way
> towards 
> fixing that.  Most of the changes don't actually involved new code - 
> rather simply moving things around since we still need to do the same 
> things, just in a slightly more modular way.    Anyway, I've
> discussed 
> this, off-line, with a couple of axis-dev'ers already and they were
> in 
> favor of it but before I actually did it I wanted to make sure there 
> wasn't any huge objection to it.  For the most part, if you don't turn
> on 
> the WS-Addr support then nothing should really change - and there's
> no 
> harm - but if you believe WS-Addr will be core to soap (as I do) then 
> having native support for it will benefit axis's customers.
> thanks,
> -Doug 

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