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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
Subject Re: [Axis2]Fwd: Axis2 and JSR 181
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 22:25:46 GMT
Hi Eddie,

> The near term goal is to ship a WSM 1.0 that has passed the JSR-181
> TCK and then start adding additional features like:
> - supporting web service runtime specific annotations for type
> mapping, message buffering, configuration, etc
> - generating JAX-RPC source artifacts
> - drop-in deployment
> - Axis2 support
> - etc.


>   For the folks working on the jaxws module, any chance that you'd be
> interested in reusing the annotation processing infrastructure that
> we've built?

+1, but, um, do u force XMLBeans support on anyone using the annotation
stuff u guys have done? Sorry I haven't looked at what's there so
apologies if its a dumb question. If you do that's bad from Axis2's POV
because we're very strictly data binding agnostic.

>   Also would be great to have some Axis community feedback on what we
> have currently built and any input / patches to take it forward.  :) 
> If needed, I'd be happy to cut a milestone release and add it to Maven
> to make it easier to get started building annotated web services.

We're working hard to get the base system completed and at or near 1.0
status ASAP. So I'd say this'll have to come after that .. we're not
targeting SAAJ and JAX-WS support in 1.0 - that'll come ASAP after that.
(SAAJ may be ready but basically its not a requirement for 1.0 .. so if
its ready it'll ship but if not it won't!)


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