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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: [AXIS2] Issue with writing SOAPMessage to stream in SAAJ over DOOM
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2005 02:11:43 GMT
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Hmm, interesting discussion.

Let me add something too.
I wrote a sample code using DOM and it seems the current DomImpl is
returning null for any element.getLocalName() call,  irrespective of
whether it is qualified or not. This is bit of strange to me.

I created a SOAPEnvelope and and called
documentElement.getLocalName(), its returning null. But when I call
getTagName(), it returns "soapenv:Envelope". So there is a problem in
the current DOM impl too.

BTW, looking at Ruchith's proposals, I don't like the options #1 as
there he has tried to make the impl neutral code independant code,
non-neutral by putting instance of checking. (Please see [1] for the

Anyway, I don't think those options are needed if Sanjiva's points are
accepted :-)

- -- Chinthaka

[1] :

Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:

> On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 16:50 +0600, Ruchith Fernando wrote:
>> Hi Azeez,
>> This is a known issue in serializing *unqualified* xml elements.
> First of all, IIRC the test envelope is wrong: children of
> <soap:Body> *must* be qualified.
> However, that does not excuse the NPE behavior :).
>> was originally
>> written to only work with LLOM OM implementation. And it uses
>> getLocalName() of OMElement to get the local part of a qualified
>> element OR the 'tag name' of a qualified element.
> OK. (You meant "unqualified" in the last bit there I believe.)
>> And now DOOM uses it to serialize DOOM elements. But according to
>> the DOM APIs[1] (Proof: [2]) the when getLocalName() is called
>> on an unqualified element it will be null. And DOOM does this
>> properly to comply with DOM interfaces.
> I just looked thru the DOM L2 spec [1] and AFAICT the behavior is
> not clearly defined. In particular, it says:
> "localName of type DOMString, readonly, introduced in DOM Level 2
> Returns the local part of the qualified name of this node. For
> nodes of any type other than ELEMENT_NODE and ATTRIBUTE_NODE and
> nodes created with a DOM Level 1 method, such as createElement from
> the Document interface, this is always null".
> Note that it does not say what happens if the name was not
> qualified at all. There's further discussion of namespace issues in
> [2] but that does not clarify it either. So, at least to me, it
> appears that you're noticing the behavior of the default DOM impl
> rather than spec compliance.
>> Therefore we have two options to solve this problem: 1.) Modify
>> OMSerializerUtil to check for whether the element being
>> serialized is a DOM element by checking instanceof
>> org.w3c.Element and calling getTagName if the element is not
>> namespace qualified.
>> 2.) Add another method to OMElement interface : public String
>> getTagName() where we can use it in the case when we serialize an
>> unqualified element (either LLOM or DOOM).
>> What do you think?
> If the spec indeed does not specify a given behavior, my preference
> would be to change getLocalName() to return the name if the
> OMElement is unqualified.
> Sanjiva. [1]
> [2]
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