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From Alex Boisvert <>
Subject Re: Extending AxisServlet
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 03:16:14 GMT

Ooops! I meant ApacheCon.  I was just discussing JavaOne with somebody 
earlier today ;)

Alex Boisvert wrote:
> Hi (and hello to everybody I met at JavaOne!)
> I was wondering if the current maintainer of AxisServlet could review 
> the following changes to AxisServlet.   The refactoring is aimed at 
> improving the extensibility of AxisServlet by allowing the override of 
> initConfigContext().
> The use-case I am trying to support is to obtain a ConfigurationContext 
> from JNDI (instead of directly loading from file system) to share 
> ConfigurationContext between loosely-coupled components in different 
> classloading hierarchies and/or where the configuration repository is 
> not deployed in the servlet's /WEB-INF directory.
> I'm open to other approaches if anyone has better ideas on how to 
> abstract the initialization of the ConfigurationContext, such as 
> enhancing the ConfigurationContextFactory.  I was just going for the 
> simplest solution to support this kind of extensibility.
> cheers,
> alex

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