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From Steve Molloy <>
Subject DeploymentClassLoader performance
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 21:15:12 GMT

	I'm trying to convert my previous axis services to axis2 to take
advantage of the async functionalities. Anyhow, I found that the
DeploymentClassLoader used offers very poor performance because it has
to go through all the lib jars for every class even when loading
multiple classes in the same jar all at once. So, I patched my class
using the 0.93 sources. Basically, while it loads the list, it also
loads the content and puts it in a HashMap so that it can directly
define the classes when needed, freeing the memory at the same time. It
does mean that unused classes in the lib jars will have their bytecode
use up memory for nothing, but the gain in performance was more then
wort it, at least in my case. I've attached the modified java file, hope
it can help...


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