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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: [axis2] proposal for client API refactoring
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 02:06:30 GMT
Hi Paul,

Paul Fremantle wrote:

>On 11/29/05, Eran Chinthaka <> wrote:
>>I think the preferred way is to write a Client extending from MEPClient.
>>But I don't think it should come in to Axis2.
>>-- EC
I think you have misunderstood my statement.

<Axis2 Hat on>
[1]When we write Clients extending from MEPClient, at least for the time
being, we limit to support for basic MEPs.

what we have always been telling to the users was that, if you want to
have some custom MEPs or if you want to have a combination, you can
easily write your own one. One has "enough" support and flexibility
within Axis2 to do that.

Let me take your question again. You wanted to write a client, which
doesn't know it is invoking an INonly service or a IN-OUT service.  So
this statement contradicts with my statement [1]. There are lot of
combinations you can get wiring some IN pipes and OUT pipes. And at the
same time if the client tries to support different combinations of MEPs
at the same time, the situation becomes more complicated.

>Why don't you think it should come from Axis2? From Synapse POV, I would
>like the only APIs I use from Axis2 to be the published APIs of Axis2. At
>the moment I am using all sorts of cool stuff from inside Axis2. Which means
>when you change it, Synapse will complain. If Synapse sticks to APIs only
>and not internals, then this won't be a problem.
No I don't think this is a valid argument. When you write your own
MEPClient extension, this does not anyway breaks the statement "If
Synapse sticks to APIs only and not internals, then this won't be a
You are not going in to internals by writing a custom client.

FYI, I wanted to extend the functionality of IN-OUT mep once, for a
test, and I didn't introduce a new MEPClient for that for Axis2. I wrote
my custom MEPClient within the test package and used that :-) .

</Axis2 Hat on>

<Synapse Hat on>
I don't see any problem why we can not write our own extension from
MEPClient within Synapse. And I don't think that will anyway harm our
rules or concepts. Rather that will make the job easier.
</Synapse Hat on>

Paul, may be I'm missing something, or I have got this unneccessarily
complicated (if yes, 1000 appologies :-) ). I think its better to only
support basic MEPs within Axis2, and not customs MEPs, nor combinations
of basic MEPs.

-- Chinthaka

>Another way of looking at this - Synapse is a user of Axis2. If a user
>really needs this (and in this case is willing to help write it) why
>wouldn't you want to support that user?
>I don't think this is such an unusual use case that it wouldn't be useful
>for other users.

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