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From Saminda Abeyruwan <>
Subject [Axis2] Mulitiple instances of SimpleHTTPServer
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 08:59:36 GMT
Hi Devs,

Axis2's SimpleHTTPServer would not work properly if multiple instances 
of that class created due to its use of  static objects to provide a 
thread pool.

We have a use case in Synapse, where multiple SimpleHTTPServer s are 
required.  We have to test a scenario where  Synapse uses "sendOn" to 
redirect the incoming message to  some other server. Now if i 
instantiated another SimpleHTTPServer to simulate this, due static 
components in the simple server, i am getting errors.

Right now "SynapseDispatcher" is set as the *first* dispatcher and every 
request will call "SynapseMessageReciever" which will eventually enter 
into Synapse Environment. If i make "SynapseDispatcher" as the last in 
dispatching phase and allow default dispatchers to run, the above 
mentioned scenario can be overcome. But in Synapse we are not going to 
dispatch actual services. If i make "SynapseDispatcher" other than the 
*first* dispatcher, it would lead to some unexpected behaviors.

So, what are the other alternatives available for me.

Is there any plan to allow multiple SimpleHTTPServer instances in future 

Thank you


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