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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] dispatch and addressing issues w/ SVN_HEAD axis2
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 14:52:32 GMT
Eran Chinthaka wrote:
> Steve,
> Let me answer the first question (only ;-) )
> Steve Loughran wrote:
>>I've just got my code moved up to SVN head, and things are not
>>dispatching right. I've been looking through the tracelogs  and here
>>are some issues to raise
>>1. In the response to an operation, the reply to address contains
>>seemingly gratuitous ServiceGroup reference parameters. Why?
> Well, each and every service group context we create within the
> AxisEngine has a unique id. We send that back to the client. So if the
> client wants to maintain the same service group for his next
> invocations, he should send that back to the server as a header parameters.
> Its a convenience way of maintaing the service group session
> There is a ServiceGroupContextTest and Chamikara wrote a nice sample
> using that, please look in to that.
> Are you saying this id is "seemingly gratuitous", because you don't know
> what service group context id or you have some other good reason ?
> - Chinthaka

well, it's seemingly gratuitous because it exposes an implementation 
detail (axis2) and a concept (sessions), that I dont want.

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