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From Saminda Abeyruwan <>
Subject [Axis2] Imporvement in Axis2 transport layer
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 14:14:49 GMT
Hi all,

My concern is regarding complete async message invocation.  As my 
understaning of the transport mechanism,  during async duel invocation, 
sender {HttpClient} expect 202 from server. Now the "out" stream for 
this at server side  return when MessageReceiver returns and when 
doPost() {if it is servlet case}method returns. At one point in server 
side CommonsHttpTrasnsportSender will create an another HttpClient and 
send the response due "reply-to" is not anonymus.

Now assume a "time eating" service hangs and does not allow the MR to 
return,  then at client side instead of getting 202,  it will time out 
{at sometime}. Sometimes later the response might come to listener. But 
the timeout is not Runtime exception and the client will exit even 
though we have a response.

If we can correct this scenario, "there may be  mediators which take a 
long time to process" will come handy with the development of Synapse, 
with async invocation.

How can we overcome this problem.



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