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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] SOAPMessageContext
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 14:11:21 GMT
Whoa ... what we agreed was that SOAPMessageContext would be a strict
subset of the MessageContext in Axis2. The idea is to let Synapse rule
engine and mediator programmers only have to look at stuff actually
related to the message.

As such I don't think its an option to tweak it in any inconsistent

If you want to do that then its of course possible for Synapse to define
its own MC but I'm pretty sure I'd -1 that on the synapse-dev list .. I
am not convinced that's anything other than pointless reinvention!

> With respect to Synapse, (and assuming the axis guys give us the
> interface...)
> Do we need these:&#0;&#0;    public boolean isInFaultFlow();&#0;    public
> setInFaultFlow(boolean b);&#0; 

Um, is this the same flow in Axis2 or something else? If its the Axis2
flow why do we need it in synapse?

>    public void setProcessingFault(boolean
> b);&#0;    public boolean isProcessingFault() {
> or could it just be isFault/setFault?

IIRC we already have this; have to look.

> Is there a reason some methods have WSA in the method name and others don't
> - getWSAMessageId and getWSAAction vs. getTo, getFrom etc?

If there are inconsistencies let's fix them in Axis2 itself.

> Should MessageInformationHeaders be here? The only thing it adds thats not
> already on this interface is the referenceParameters so could there just be
> a get/set for that instead?

That was a decision a long time ago to keep that set together. I
personally am not a fan but it was debated here a while back IIRC and
I'm not inclined to re-opening that at this time.

> Not sure about the properties, i'd thought Synapse would have its own place
> for storing properties, using the Axis2 MC getProperties brings in all the
> axis2 context hierarchy stuff.

The user doesn't see or know that; they get a hashtable of properties to


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