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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject [Axis2]linking wsdl binding transport and Axis2 transports
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 02:32:10 GMT
Hi All;

This is a random thought occur to me when I am working on some system
here. Please comment :)

Even though we have done the hard work of making the transports
pluggable we have not make it final by linking the wsdl transports
define in the binding with our transports. This is what I belive we
should do.

1) register a URL with each transports, this url should be the
standard ones for transports where the SOAP binding is defined.
2) At the code generation time we should look at the repository and
accept the transprots that are registered with the repository. We
should remeber the transports in the Call and use them (if user not
overidde them).

If it is a good thing to have (and not already done :) .. while I am
away) I would like to stab at it. I can not commit when I am going to
deliver .. so If someone can do it please go ahead.


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