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From U Gopalakrishnan <>
Subject Re: [AXIS2] - TransportReceiver tags in axis2.xml
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2005 05:52:03 GMT
As the name suggest <transportReceiver> defines transport 
receivers(listener) for the specified transport. Each of these receivers 
will receive the SOAP message coming in the specified transport and invoke 
the inPipe of the Axis2 Engine. For HTTP the AxisServlet is usually used 
as the transport receiver. For each SOAP request message the receiver that 
will be invoked is dependent on the transport on which the request comes. 
When you send a request message on Http the http receiver gets invoked, 
when you send it using SMTP the 'mail' receiver is invoked and so. At the 
client user can specify the transport to be used for sending and receiving 
the SOAP message by calling 
call.setTransportInfo(Constants.TRANSPORT_HTTP, Constants.TRANSPORT_HTTP, 

Hope it helps.


vikas kumar <> 
04/10/2005 10:38
Please respond to

axis-dev <>

[AXIS2] - TransportReceiver tags in axis2.xml

Hi everyone,
I saw the http and tcp transportReceiver tags in the axis2.xml
Can someone please give me hints abt the roles of these classes.
Also, how and by whom are the decisions regarding the listener to invoke 
How am i supposed to try the tcp thing?
Thanks for the time..

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