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From "Irving, Dave" <>
Subject RE: Attachments: ManagedMemoryDataSource causing me grief
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 10:38:52 GMT
I wrote: 

> After doing some profiling, Im finding that ManagedMemoryDataSource
seems to be 
> one of the major causes of this.
> It seems that every time I extract an attachment, this data source is
> the contents to disk. 
> This is taking up quite a bit of time (deleting the temporary files
> to be the big problem).

I hacked ManagedMemoryDataSource locally to make file writing optional.
Re-running my tests improved my message throughput 5 times over.

So - is this worth submitting as a patch?

Its likely to affect anyone who wants fast message (with attachments)

Would appreciate any comments.



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