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Subject Re: [Axis2] Implications of WSRM interfaces on Axis2 ClientAPI
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 22:14:04 GMT
Hi All,

The requirement of supporting additional properties required for RM
through some client API was the case from the beginning of Sandesha. When
we initially write Sandesha, we had the same issue. With the 1.0
implementation and we end up using a SandeshaContext that will be
initialized with the required properties.

To identify whether the sequence is completed or not, we let the
SandeshaContext to return a RMReport at the end of sequence.
 RMReport report = ctx.endSequence();

IMO all these were workarounds and not the perfect solutions, since we did
not modify the Call API of Axis, not even adding new methods like,

I don't believe that adding these new setter methods and providing the
required support from the Call API will do any harm to the existing axis
implementation and the existing users and this will make it easy to
support RM or other functional extensions easily. In addition it makes it
consistent that we add all the properties and settings to the core
component in our Client API that is Call.

The model that I would like to see is the following code work in both non
RM and RM environments without any change. Selection of RM or not will be
based on the modules deployed. Sequence can be generated if we assume that
a particular sequence is bound to a one call object.

call.invokeBlocking("op", omElement);

There may be similar requirements from other functional extensions such as
WS-SecCon as well.



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