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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [axis2] Dispatchers
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 04:40:10 GMT
Hi Ruchith:

>>I very much like the ability to quickly configure the handler chain
>>using axis2.xml.  As long as nothing creates conflicts, why shouldn't we
>>allow this?
> Are you talking about handlers in general?
> If so... I was under the impression that with Axis2 the users will NOT
> not have access to the handler chain, since we are using 'modules'.
> The module author is supposed to know where exactly to place the
> handler (configured using the module.xml in module.mar). Are we still
> going to stick only to this behavior or do we need to let the user
> configure the handler chain as in Axis1.x as well?

See my last msg to Deepal.

The handler author still needs to know exactly where to place the 
handler regardless of whether you do it in axis2.xml, service.xml, or 
module.xml.  I'm not suggesting we break any rules; if two handlers both 
say "I need to be first in the Dispatch phase", we have a conflict 
regardless of where those handlers come from.  I just think you should 
be able to configure handlers directly without going through the work of 
building a full-on Module if you want to.


P.S.  Speaking of conflicts, we need to eventually think about how to 
resolve them without breaking things.  In particular, it would be nice 
if as a user, I could deploy two Modules that conflict (as described 
above) and then resolve the conflict manually in my service.xml 
*without* changing either module.  This kind of thing is going to become 
important because despite the best intentions of Module authors, you 
can't account for interactions with other Modules/handlers that you 
aren't aware of.  Sometimes the guy who chooses to put Module A and 
Module B together is the one who has to know how to make them work together.

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