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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: [axis2] ws-addr test cases
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 08:55:18 GMT
Glen Daniels wrote:
> Hey Steve:
>>  > Ooops wrong link:
>>  >
>> It still offends me that WS-A can consider themselves nearly ready to 
>> be final and yet they only have a few draft test cases. For example, 
>> where is their wsa:To header with a ? string in
>> <wsa:To></wsa:To>
> ("we" below means WS-A)
> 1) We are in the process of building a test suite and then we'll get to 
> the testing.  It's not that we think the test suite is done, it's that 
> we're only now entering the phase where we concentrate primarily on that.

that means you are following a process of
1. -define 'normative' standard
2. get standard standardised
3. write test cases

but at the same time as (3), people are writing their implementations. 
And without test cases, they all interpret the spec differently.

> 2) Please do submit test cases!  We would really appreciate it.

I dont have test cases, but I know that at the gridforum event in boston 
last week, of the four deployment api implementations 

all using WS-A under WS-RF, we could only demonstrate interop between 
the two axis1.x/muse implementations, because the others (.NET1.1/WSE 
and Axis2) all had different expectations of WS-A.

> 3) What's special about the test above?  I agree if you get such a URL 
> in a <ReplyTo> you need to echo it faithfully, but is there anything 
> else you see that case testing?

The aim is to test that the ? string doesnt get stripped on a post.

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