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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [axis2] Dispatchers
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 16:46:53 GMT
Hi Deepal:

> I agree on that Dispatcher itself is a handler


> but the name "Dispatcher" implies different meaning than a handler , it 
> is obvious that a module can configure to put handlers into Dispatch 
> phase we are not avoiding doing that (in fact I did the same thing to a 
> the SypaseToy that I wrote , I put just a handler into Dispatch phase as 
> its phase first handler and which will do the dispatching).


> But If some one to add dispatcher as a dispatcher not as a handler , we 
> have give them a indirect path to do so (<dispatchingOrder> in 
> axis2.xml) , and configure the order they want. Since Axis2 has hard 
> coded the dispatching order. There can be some users who want to run 
> URLDispatcher after AddressingDisptcher , since we have hard coded the 
> dispatching order no one can change the order, therefore only way to do 
> that by giving a way to change that , that is why I came up with that 
> XML element. So if user wants to override he can put that XML element 
> and do so , if not the default order will work nicely. I know that 99% 
> of the time no one go and change that. So most of the time 
> AxisConfigurationImpl.setDefaultDispatchers() method will be invoked.

What I'm trying to say is that we should NOT hard-code the dispatch 
order, we should have it simply exist as configuration in the default 
axis2.xml file.  To do this we either use current <handler> syntax:

         <handler name="MyDispatcher"
             <order phase="Dispatch"/>

or my suggested simpler syntax:

           <phase name="Dispatch">
             <handler name="MyDispatcher"


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