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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject [axis2] Dispatchers
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 03:40:35 GMT
Hi folks!

A few comments about dispatchers/handlers:

* Does having an "AbstractDispatcher" class really help us in any way? 
The only thing it really seems to do that's useful is the "relatesTo" 
check... but shouldn't that check itself happen elsewhere (like in a 
separate handler)?  Right now if there are four dispatchers that all 
inherit from AbstractDispatcher, the relatesTo check would happen four 

* I don't like having the default dispatchers be deployed in a way that 
causes them NOT to appear in the standard axis2.xml file.  In line with 
dispatchers just being handlers that live anywhere before (or in) the 
dispach phase, I'd prefer to just put them in 
org/apache/axis2/deployment/axis2.xml (as <handler> declarations) so 
it's clear what's going on.

* Related to the above, wouldn't it be nice to have shortcut syntax like:

<phaseOrder type="inflow">
   <phase name="First"/>
   <phase name="Second">
     <handler name="foo" class="MyHandler"/>
     <handler name="bar" class="OtherHandler"/>

This would deploy foo and bar as the initial contents of the Second phase.

* Why do we have a separate "<dispatcherOrder>" element in axis2.xml, 
when dispatchers are just handlers?  Having separate ways to 
deploy/configure handlers for specific functions (beyond putting them in 
particular phases) seems bad.  I'd prefer we put them in as <handler> 
declarations per the above two comments.



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